Frequently Asked Questions

Prodigy pianistHow old must a child be to start piano lessons?

This varies from child to child and Lester will be happy to meet you and assess your child free of charge. Normally it is helpful if a child has some reading ability. Many people start learning at about the age of 7 but Lester has taught children from the age of 5 who are ready and eager to learn.

Could I be too old to learn?

That is most unlikely.  It is not unusual for people to start learning in their retirement or as a stress-busting hobby while they are working in something totally different. Others find time as an adult to pursue a dream they have not had the opportunity for before.

How fast will I progress?

Progress depends on many things including how musical a student is. Progress is often slower for younger students than for those starting later. Older students may progress faster if they already play another instrument.

Progress is dependent on time at home spent practising and we give you clear guidance each lesson to help you practise in the most effective way.

Do I have to sit exams?

This will be for you to decide. Exams are a great way to recognise your achievement and have an independent assessment. Grade 5 is equivalent to a GCSE.  The higher grades, 6,7 and 8 all attract UCAS points for when a student applies to a university.

If you do not want to sit exams, it will be no barrier to your progress. Achievement can be seen as you master each new piece of music.

If I sit exams do I have to take every grade?

No. It can be necessary to skip a grade in some circumstances. We would not use exams to hold back someone with talent.

Can I have a parent / friend in the lesson with me?

Yes. Everyone is entitled to have a companion if they want. In particular we welcome parents to sit in on lessons with younger children.

How can I remember what practice I have to do?

We will write down in a note book what we ask of you so you can check back.

How about electric piano or keyboard

You can practise on an electric piano or on an accoustic piano. If you have an electric piano at home, it can be a good instrument and suitable to learn on. Lester is happy to help students choose an instrument if required. Feel free to ask!